Saturday, November 13, 2010

Can You Handle The 300 Workout?

This workout was the final fitness test of the actors and extras in the movie 300. Are you Spartan enough to handle it?  Consider this a fitness goal to be achieved.

a) Pullups - 25 reps

b) Dumbbell Deadlift - 50 reps

c) Pushups - 50 reps

d) Body Weight Squat Jumps - 50 reps

e) V-Up - 50 reps

f) Dumbbell Push Press - 50 reps

g) Pullups - 25 reps

All exercises are done without scheduled rest between moves. Obviously this is an advanced shouldn't do it unless you are already in great shape.

Fortunately, this can all easily be adapted. Appropriate exercises can be subbed in: Drop down to 150 total reps, or 4-6 exercises of 15-25 reps each. For example, you might try this workout, great for a guy with moderate fitness:

15 bodyweight rows
25 bodyweight squats
15 pushups
50 jumping jacks
20 mountain climbers
10 close grip pushups
15 bodyweight rows



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