Monday, November 15, 2010

What Spartans DO Eat

Or rather, HOW Spartans eat...

Spartans primarily ate "The black broth" which consisted of pork, salt, vinegar, and blood.  Fortunately, we don't have to eat that, we have a bit more knowledge and variety, but they had the right idea, keep the diet simple.
Just like the advice on what not to eat, advice on what to eat is pretty simple.  Unless you are a fitness model or something, there is no need to become a scientists about it, just follow some general guidelines and your overall health and fitness will be improved.  Let me break it all down.

Carbs (Carbohydrates):  These are not evil, in fact, you need them to live.  The reason why carbs have gotten a bad reputation recently is because we all consume too many of them from poor sources.  Rather than getting your carbs through simple sugars like candy and soda and all other sweets,  focus on getting carbs from better sources such as whole grains.

Proteins: These are necessary for your body to maintain its muscles, repair damage to them, and generally hold itself together.  Many people get enough protein, though an intense exercise program may call for eating more for optimal results.  If you are on a heavy lifting regimen, you may want to look into protein powders for that extra boost.  Of all the powders I've tried, Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard 100% Whey seems to be the best, and many experts agree. 

Fats:  FATS DO NOT MAKE YOU FAT!!  You need fats to LIVE and to perform vital functions in your body.  The reason fats have such a bad reputation is because most people eat far too much saturated fat and trans fat.  Avoid those, you do not need them.  That being said, you must consume healthy fats such as Omega-3 Fatty acids (Found in flaxseed oil, fish, and many others) and Monounsaturated fat (Found in olive and canola oil).  If you do not eat these, you will die, and that will ruin your fitness goals!

Now, here are a few recommendations on what to eat!

Whole Grains:
-Whole wheat bread/bagels/rolls/pitas etc.
-Whole wheat pastas
-Whole grain cereals
-Brown rice

Lean Protein Sources:
-Turkey (Breast is the best)
-Chicken (Breast) (Not KFC obviously)

Fruits and Vegetables:

Water: Drink a lot of water.  More water than you think you need.  You are not drinking enough water, i guarantee you.


  1. that sandwich looks delicious

  2. "Water: Drink a lot of water. More water than you think you need. You are not drinking enough water, i guarantee you."

    I drink around 4L of water a day, I think I'm clear =]

  3. Solid advice.

    Good job in highlighting the importance of omega 3. Years of the government demonizing all fat in general and people eating junk food has left us both physically lacking in omega 3 and lacking in information on how important it is.

  4. Thanks for the info. short and simple and to the point. hopefully i can slowly incorporate this as my new diet

  5. Sandwich sure is the best way of combining everything you need in just one delicious meal!

  6. I will most likely never make this. But it looks yummy.

  7. Important information to know. I've also heard that you need to burn more carbs than you eat during the day to loose weight. Problem that I don't have, I eat as a pig and I can't gain any fat, lol (genetics, I gues...) I think I need to eat a lot of proteins. Good stuff you have here, my friend!

  8. Great post. waiting for more updates

  9. i loveee your blog,,visit mine..

  10. I'm eating tons of food...eating just EVERYTHING...and i don't get fat anyways..and I don't do any sports...any guides to gain weight? :o

  11. thanks for these tips... that's how I got swole

  12. nice, looking forward to the next post

  13. this is a good follow up to your last post

  14. I'm gonna try this. No more junk food. And I'm gonna start running. Is this a good start?

  15. Cool story, bro!
    Following your blog

  16. To compass such a boundless happiness! Following!



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